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Astrostyle is the way the AstroTwins have seen the world and made the astrology a matter of Hollywood’s stars and also more celebs.

If you thought that the astrostyle is a haircut or a slogan of the gamers, you are very wrong! Astrostyle is the way in which the Edut sisters have conquered the hearts of lovers of astrology. In fact, let us share some things about them with you:

Thanks to their accuracy, people nicknamed them the AstroTwins. All this, since they are twins who are dedicated to the world of the predictions of the stars in our lives. In fact, they are professional astrologers whose innovative style and specific predictions have become popular astrological gurus who support all beliefs.



They have been so famous that they have served many celebrities such as Sting, Michelle Branch, Beyonce and Stevie Wonder. Their popularity has risen like the foam. Their predictions have been fulfilled. However, the stars have also turned to red carpet events, such as the Billboard Music Awards, the Golden Globes, and the Sundance Film Festival. That’s why everyone wants to know what their destiny holds in this 2019. They are somethign!


First, they comment that their style contemplates all the ancestral practices of astrology. In addition, they comment that contemporary astrology inherits an old empirical knowledge that allows us to know the characteristics of each person. This way, we can appreciate if we can find an excellent form of introspection. In fact, a predominantly predictive function in the daily life of people whom, according to the zodiac sign, but now complemented by other disciplines. Moreover, they commented in an interview that before time, it was much more analytical about the elements of an individual so that it can work in the best way at the present time.


Keeping in mind that astrology understands that the energy of the stars, affects the way we work our whole lives. This can generate patterns of behavior. Also, situations in which we have to make decisions and channel. It is a way in which the ancient and multicultural self-knowledge that has been refined. Also, it is an individual of astrology that allows us to study the totality of human life.

We understand why we are who we are in a support. Also, our expectations and how we relate, how we relate. Feel and how we perceive our reality. Astrology is a complement to our constant internal exploration. Through its postulates, many parts of the interpretation and analysis converge, we can identify and work certain points of our personality that help us to develop to better accept the dualities that make us, our ego and spirit.


Their astrological vision has been at MTV, The New York Times, The Style Network and E! News. They are also shown as regular guests on SIRIUS / XM Radio. The AstroTwins are the authors of several books such as Zodiac Love AstroTwins: The Guide Important to Women Astrology. They also wrote the Manual Reading Understanding men in each sign. They also have their most recent success Shoestrology: Finding your shoe Birthday and Momstrology: AstroTwin’s Guide to Raising Your Little of the Stars.


Astrostyle 2019


By the way, Tali and Ophira also write a growing collection of popular e-books and annual horoscope controls (www.astrostyle.com/shop). That’s why the Astrotwins currently live in New York City and Seattle. They lead a normal life and take advantage of their gift. To know your horoscope publications in depth or to schedule a reading, visit them online www.astrostyle.com

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