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Biddy tarot and some curiosities that are unknown-2021

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In short, it is known that the biddy tarot is a deck of cards. Which is used as a means of consultation and interpretation of facts, dreams, perceptions? Alternatively, emotional states that are also a type of carto Mancy. Its origins date back to at least the 14th century.

The tarot arose after Leonardo Da Vinci made sketches to make his divination cards. These sketches focused on the cosmogony, the evolution of the universe and the stars. Thus, an endless number of artists of the time tried to do the same. However, it was not until the 18th century that some French and English people who were fans of cultism used these cards as a method of divination.

Is attitude important on Biddy Tarot?

Some of the advice of the seers with more experience in the subject, the attitude of the vidento as that of the client are important. The more positive this is, the better the letters will do their job.

People who show up with a blockade can stunt the outcome of the cards. In their own judgment, they consider that clairvoyance is an art. And as in all art, the key is to believe, to achieve success.

Are there many types of reading in the Biddy Tarot?

Over the years everything has evolved. The biddy tarot has not been the exception. Mainly there is a Classical way to read the tarot, however, the tarotistas have been responsible for creating an endless number of similar ways. Among those that can be mentioned is the Five Card Roll, The Pyramid, or the Rainbow Roll.

Of course, each of the readings corresponds to a different type of desire. That is, each person goes for different reasons. Some tend to go for love, others for economic well-being and so on.

It is there that, depending on the client’s motive, the tarot reader will apply a different type of reading. It is important to emphasize at this point that the tarot can be used as a guide, but the person is the one who has the last word of what he considers to be correct or not.

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Interpretation of Biddy Tarot

It is necessary that the person who consults the letters shuffle them, this in order to impregnate their essence and energy in these. It is here when the Tarotist chooses a roll, asking the consultant to choose a certain number of cards.

Biddy Tarot

Once this step is completed, the tarotist creates a stabilization in the letters chosen by the client in a specific order.

At this point, you should know that each aspect or position of the cards has a specific meaning. It is very likely that the person in charge of reading the letters asks certain questions, this in order to give a good interpretation of them.

The cards are related according to their position with other upcoming cards.
These are just some curiosities about the Biddy Tarot that you may not have known.

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