The 10 Best Famous psychics in the World-2021

Here is a list of the 10 famous psychics in the world. Some are alive, and some have passed away to the great beyond. Here, there is a wide variety listed, ranging from Nostradamus to a modern day online intuitive counselor. See list below!

TOP 10 famous psychics list-2021

1. Master Ravana

famous psychicsHe is a 3rd Generation Psychic and Relationship coach , one of the world’s best Spiritual and Healing gurus, has over 15 years of experience in training and developing various healing and spiritual methods. Master Ravana has been providing many services to my numerous clients around the world for about 5 years. He can Telepathically Read the mind of persons you want and will tell what happens in future.

Master Ravana has a B.Sc. – Practical Buddhism – Meditation Techniques And Ethical Practices – KOMAZAWA UNIVERSITY, Japan, Graduated 2004 B.A. – Psycology- M.S University OF Baroda Jyotisha, India-Graduated 2006 Ph.D – Mediation University of Colombo, Sri Lanka, Graduated 2015.
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2. Edgar Cayce

best-known-psychics-in-the-world-Edgar CayceIn a moment, consider that every day of your life, you lay down on a sofa, closed your eyes, and put yourself into a “sleep state” where you can then perform a psychic reading for anyone in the world.  This is said to be what the incredible Edgar Cayce did every day of his life  for over 40 years!

According to the website devoted to Cayce and his works:

  • Edgar Cayce was a Sunday school teacher and avid reader of the Bible.
  • His readings encompassed over 10,000 topics, including past lives, Akashic records, and physical well being.
  • He is the “most documented psychic of the 20th century”.

Even after  his death of in 1945, he continues to be one of the famous psychics in the world. You may wish to visit his website at edgarcayce.org and see lists of peculiar things he has done.

3. Sonia Choquette

best-known-psychics-in-the-world-Sonia Choquette







Sonia Choquette is a world renowned psychic reader and spiritual teacher who radiates peace and love. Sonia’s life story, and the beautiful way in which her abilities blossomed is worth emulating. Her best-selling book Diary of a Psychic, was one of the first “psychic” books that are. Sonia Choquette is one of the most loved and famous psychics  in the world today.Sonia Choqutte has an incredible bio.

Here’s just a small sample of the accomplishments that are listed on her website:

  • eight best-selling books
  • a Ph.D. in Metaphysics
  • intuitive adviser to several New Age icons Ms. Choquette is one of the most adored and brilliant Psychics in the world.

4. Jeane Dixon

best-known-psychics-in-the-world- Jeane DixonJeane Dixon was one of the best-known American self-proclaimed psychics and astrologers of the 20th century as a result of her syndicated newspaper astrology column, some well-publicized predictions, and a best-selling biograph.

Some years ago, Jeane Dixon who passed away in 1997 was one of the famous psychics and astrologers in the United States, well known for her predictions.  It is said that Jeane’s gifts were discovered by a gypsy, and that her mother was very encouraging of her spiritual growth.

Horoscopes for dogs was one of her famous books.

Many praised Jeane Dixon as one of the most gifted prophets and clairvoyants in the world.



5. Linda Howe

best-known-psychics-in-the-world-Linda HoweLinda Howe is the founder and director of the Linda Howe Center for Akashic Studies and the leading expert in using the Akashic Records for personal empowerment. She is the author of two award-winning books – How to Read the Akashic Records and Healing Through the Akashic Records – and the originator of the Pathway Prayer Process to Access the Heart of the Akashic Records.

Her works are sources of change for many lives. Some of the works are listed below:-

  •  How to Read the Akashic Records, by Linda Howe
  • Healing Through the Akashic Records




6. Caroline Myss

best-known-psychics-in-the-world-Caroline MyssShe is an author, medical intuitive, and spiritual teacher. She had several life-changing workshops and reflections webinars.

According to her website, she no longer gives private readings, as she felt she could reach more people through her writing, which include:

  • Sacred Contracts: Awakening Your Divine Potential
  • Anatomy of the Spirit: The 7 Stages of Power and Healing
  • Entering the Castle: Finding the Inner Path to God and Your Soul’s Purpose

She also founded the Caroline Myss Education Institute (CMED) for those wanting to “enrich [their] spiritual life.”

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7. Nostradamus

best-known-psychics-in-the-world-NostradamusNostradamus was an astrologer who became famous for his predictions.   He had an intense background in the medical field. He treated people all around Europe for the8plague. Nostradamus was born in the year 1503 and died in the year 1566.

  • the September 2011 terrorist attacks on the United States
  • the atomic bomb
  • the death of Princess Diana

No matter how you feel about Nostradamus, he is just as famous now as he was centuries ago.  He was quite an accomplishment in itself!





8. Erin Pavlina

best-known-psychics-in-the-world-Erin PavlinaErin Pavlina is a world renowned intuitive counselor who uses her psychic abilities to help her clients achieve what they desire in the areas of their career, relationships, finances, health, spirituality, and more. To date she has read for thousands of clients worldwide.
Erin offers private readings for her clients worldwide. Book a session with her when you want immediate practical advice about what to do next in your life to get the fulfilling and joyful life you deserve.
Erin volunteers with Red Rock Search and Rescue in her spare time, and does paranormal investigations for clients in Las Vegas. She is the mother of two really awesome kids.
My goal is to help you live a life that makes you happy, every single day. Your spirit guides are broadcasting information designed to help you get what you truly desire in life. If you can’t hear them on your own, I can tell you what they’re saying.” – Erin Pavlina

9. Terry and Linda Jamison known as The Psychic Twins

best-known-psychics-in-the-world-Terry and Linda JamisonLinda and Terry Jamison are American identical twins based in Los Angeles, California who perform as famous psychics psychics. The Jamisons predictions have been featured in tabloid newspapers, and they have appeared in various media.

They are famous for predicting the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the United States.

Below listed are some fun facts about Terry and Linda Jamison:



  • Their guest appearance on the Tyra Banks show in 2009 has received well over 1.2 million views on YouTube!
  • On an appearance of the morning talk show The View, the twins said that they are referred by some as “Nostradamus in stilettos”. In some tv appearance, they clarify that they have worked with the Pentagon and claimed that they are only twins that are famous psychics in the world.

10. Colette Baron Reid

best-known-psychics-in-the-world-Colette Baron ReidA phenomenal speaker, respected intuitive counsellor, and best-selling author, singer, radio personality. Colette Baron Reid does it all!  And that’s why she makes our list of famous psychics Colette has given lectures at many I Can Do It! Hay House conferences between 2006 – 2011 as an Intuitive Counsellor, and also gave live readings for audience members. The lectures were typically spiritually based; focusing on consciousness, mediumship, and reading individuals’ potentials and probabilities of the future.

Her newest book, Weight Loss for People Who Feel Too Much, is groundbreaking, and it has a 5-star rating at Amazon.com!

Here are some of her accolades, according to her website:

  • Numerous television appearances, including Dr. Phil, and Ricki Lake.
  • Endorsements by the well respected past-life expert Dr. Brian Weiss, and renowned author Dr. Wayne Dyer.

How to Increase Psychic Seeing – The Journey of Becoming Clairvoyant-2021

Becoming clairvoyant or developing any of the “clairs” that enhance intuitive ability is always exciting and easier than many might think. But just like with anything that is new, it requires some practice and patience to get used to it.

No one develops or gets V Chested over night without the necessary workout exercises. It’s usually a process that takes some efforts and commitments, so building your “psychic muscles” is as well a process, just like working out.  But, in my opinion, it’s usually more fun developing psychic muscles.

This  journey is an exciting for sure.  But remember to be patient, super kind and tolerant with yourself.   If you aren’t seeing the results you would like just yet, kindly stick with it.  It will happen eventually.

The most important thing is that we get started and build up some momentum.

Are you ready, let’s do this!

I am going to be outlining 6 ways to Increase Psychic Seeing in this post

1. Set the Intention to Receive Guidance Through Your Dreams

I trust you have had your mom give you advice when you didn’t ask.  Well, the same way your Spiritual family is also THRILLED to supply you with the direction you need and when you need it.

They always help for the highest and best good of your soul.  Simply set the intention that you’re open to receiving intuitive guidance.  Ask that they give you messages via your clairvoyance while you sleep.  Do not forget to write down the messages you received when you wake up.

2. Constantly spend time to meditate

You would have probably heard this a BAJILLION times, but meditation is essential to developing any of your psychic gifts.  The reason is because it clears your mind, raises your vibration (which is how we can detect subtle Spirit energy), and gets you out of your logical mind.

Meditation, like visualization opens your third eye.  Mediation improves your mind’s eye ability to see. Note that one can also mediate specifically with the intention to become clairvoyant.  One can practice this in just a few minutes a everyday.

  • Meditation to Open the Third Eye I

Get into a comfortable position, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, getting settled in your body.  Once you feel stable, practice seeing the face of a loved one in your mind’s eye.  Look closely.  Imagine their laugh lines, dimples, all of it!

  • Meditation to Open the Third Eye II

Get comfy, close your eyes, and take a few deep breaths.  See the opportunities to expand your clairvoyant abilities.  Focus your attention on your third eye chakra.

Imagine the chakra in a majestic purple color, spinning beautifully, signifying it’s wide open.

You will most likely experience slight tingling between your eyebrows. 

This is normal and it is a sign that your third eye area is opening, further allowing your clairvoyant gifts to flourish.  

3. Practice Visualization

Clairvoyants are full of strong visualization abilities and so is really helpful to spend time on becoming a super visualizer.  The more often you practice this skill, the easier it will become.

Remember, the “seeing” clairvoyants have is usually in their minds eye –  through their third eye – the chakra located just above and between your eyebrows.

In other words, the visions, pictures, and symbols you see are “in your head”.

It’s easier to receive clairvoyant images when your third eye chakra is open.  That’s why spending time opening it is helpful and most rewarding.

4. Play a Clairvoyant Game

  • Clairvoyant Game #1

Do you know the game where you place all of the cards face down, then flip over one at a time, trying to make matches? The game was usually called Memory.

The game Memory is an excellent game to play that helps one become more clairvoyant.  While you are playing, try “seeing” in your mind’s eye where each card is.

  • Clairvoyant Game #2

Here’s another fun clairvoyant game.  Have a friend place 10 random items on your kitchen table (make sure you leave the room while she’s setting up).

Walk back into the room when she’s done.  Study the items for 10-20 seconds.

Now close your eyes and imagine each of the items.  Practice seeing in your mind’s eye where each item is located.  Its size.  Its color.

Write all of the objects down, in as much detail as possible.  Open your eyes, look at the table, and see how you did.

You can also do this exercise when you are alone.  If you’re sitting on a park bench or in a coffee shop, make a study of your surroundings for a moment.  Then, close your eyes and visualize your surroundings, seeing as much detail as possible.

  • Clairvoyant Game #3

This is REALLY a sure and fun way to increase clairvoyant abilities.  Pick up a pack of Zener cards .

Practice telepathically sending and receiving Zener card images to a friend.

In many psychic development group, many have practiced this with their partners and were able to get 100% accuracy.  Very AMAZING indeed!

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5. Practice Using Crystals to Open the Third Eye

Crystals are a GREAT way to open your third eye chakra.  In this exercise, you have to place them near you when you meditate or you can lay them near your forehead when you go to sleep.

You can as well carry them in your pocket wherever you find yourself in the day.  This will help remind you of your intention to develop your clairvoyance throughout the day.

6. Make or Keep a Dream Journal

It is a very good and fun filled practice to keep your journal next to your bed to record your dreams as soon as you wake up.  If you keep to it, you may start seeing or noticing patterns and symbols that are meaningful to you.  You may even remember a past life!  Super fun, I know!

Keeping a dream journal will also help you see how your clairvoyance is evolving. There’s no better motivation and inspiration than “seeing” how far you’ve evolved in your psychic development.

Sleep time becomes “fun times” for individuals as they astral travel and connect with Spirit (what else is our soul going to do while our body sleeps?).




Ways to Develop Your Psychic Abilities

Psychic-abilities – In this post, I’m going to be revealing to you lots of different techniques that will get your intuitive or mediumship gifts actively in use. I am sure the post here is going to go along way in helping you discover yourself fully.

To achieve best results, commit yourself to practice one technique each day


You may not have to do the exercises listed here in any particular order.

It’s best to start with what you perceive as the easiest thing for you or what may seem like the most FUN.  In a few months, you’ll be surprised at how far you would have come.

Top 3

1. Meditate daily for at least 10 – 15 minutes. Raising your vibration is super important when you want to develop your psychic abilities.  This is because Spirit energy vibrates at a higher frequency. Meditation takes one to that state often.

Meditation allows one to be in a relaxed state and raise your energetic vibration.  Once in meditation state, you’ll begin to feel more connected to your Higher Self, Spirit, and the energy of others.  You can try a guided meditation for variety and some fun.

2. Practice psychometry.  With psychometry, one can read the energy of an object.  This can be SUPER fun and as well a great way to start practicing your abilities.  In this practice,

All you need to do is to lay hold an object most preferably a metal object and something that has lots of energy on it, like a wedding ring, then, close your eyes and see if you can intuitively see through, sense, or hear anything about the one who owns the object.

3. Take a walk in nature.  Meditation shouldn’t be a boring exercise or must not be done sitting down.  One can do a mindfulness meditation by taking a walk in nature.

That means concentrating on as each step as you walk. 

Try focusing on the movement of your body and saying the word “step” with each step you take.

This will indeed surely help your mind clear of clutter and help increase your vibration.  Yes, indeed, taking a regular walk in nature without concentrating on your steps is also very meditative!

4. Develop your clairvoyance with random visualization.  This is usually very fun filled and rewarding, especially when one has mastered the flower visualization or just plain ole’ don’t like flowers.

Ensure that you relax, close your eyes, and focus on your third eye area.  Invite your Spirit Guides to show you beautiful, peaceful images.  Don’t think.  Just let your mind wander and allow the images to flood your third eye.

5 and 6 points are the intense ones

5. It’s Important you get to know your Spirit Guides.  During meditation, invite your Guides to show themselves to you.  Go ahead and ask them their names. Don’t filter anything, just go with it and trust.

6. Always visit and read posts by trusted psychic and medium bloggers to continue getting updated and educated about intuition and the Spirit world.

7. Constantly practice seeing auras.  ANYONE can learn to see an aura, so this is a great way to develop your psychic abilities.  Get a friend to stand in front of a plain colored wall.  Step back may be about eight feet.  At this time, focus on your friend’s forehead (third eye area).  Imagine you are seeing through her, at the wall behind.  You will begin to notice the aura layer around the head.

8. Regularly practice giving readings.  This is KEY to becoming a psychic or medium.  You can read or get every details about lawn tennis, but until you get out there on the lawn tennis court and practice, you won’t become a great player.  This is greatly applicable in developing your psychic abilities.

9. Practice reading old family photos.  You can look at the people in the photos and go ahead to write down everything that you sense about them.  This is one of the greatest ways to develop your psychic abilities.

10. Pray always without ceasing.  This will help you continue to feel loved, supported, and connected to the Divine. It will help feel and know that you are not alone.

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11.  Do ask a friend to call you – telepathically.  In your mind, hold the image on your friend.  Imagine energetically asking her to contact you within 24 hours.

12.  Learn to turn your gifts “on or off”.  As soon as you start to develop your psychic abilities, most importantlyone of the things you’ll want to master is how to control them. To turn “on”, imagine lighting up a candle in your mind prior to any intuitive practice or giving a practice reading and then to turn “off” or deactivate, imagine blowing out the candle when you are done practicing.

13. Ensure to eat high-vibrational foods.  Most importantly Consistently add high vibration foods to your diet, such as fresh fruits and veggies. They will sure help your body feel good and ready for spiritual exercises.  And the better you feel physically, the better you will feel psychicaly and therefore it will be easier to develop your psychic abilities.

3 more that are underrated

14. Make focus on your third eye premium.  Clairvoyance is one of the prominent psychic abilities.  To develop clairvoyance, always take a few moments and focus on your third eye area (just above and between your eyebrows).  Imagine it opening up.  Sometimes, you may even feel your third eye begin to tingle.

15.  You can keep a dream journal.  As you start developing your psychic abilities, you might start having really vivid dreams.  Because This is as a result of the fact that our logical minds don’t resist Spirit energy while we are sleeping. (Our logical minds often make us second guess ourselves when we are awake.)  Keeping a dream journal can be helpful and a nice keepsake of your intuitive journey.

16. Get to join a spiritual development circle or take a class.  Therefore this will indeed give you a safe, loving environment in which to develop your psychic abilities and mediumship. This is of extreme importance for the consistent development of one’s psychic abilities.



Do You Think You Have Psychic Powers? We Will Help You Find Out.

psychic powers

Psychic abilities and psychic powers are part of the daily life of many. They allow you to have perceptions beyond the physical body. They are part of the daily life of many. There are countless references in books, movies and the internet for phenomena such as clairvoyance, intuition, telepathy, premonition. These are some types of non-physical (or extraphysical) perception. Question is, how can one know if one has psychic powers? Can it be developed?

Here Are Some Signs You May Have Psychic Powers

Have you ever wondered if you have psychic abilities? Do you tend to overlook or ignore some déjà vu experiences, or sometimes consider instances of your spot-on intuition as just coincidences? Do you take a deeper look or ignore the unusual things you experience? A large majority of us have enhanced psychic powers in some shape or form, and it is usually an adult, guardian or parent that first notices signs of our psychic behavior.

Often times psychic people are adjudged to be evil or to be into black magic practices. This is simply not true. Everyone has some sort of psychic behavior, but so many people  don’t know how to recognize the symptoms, ignore them or just haven’t discovered them yet. It’s only a matter of time before psychic powers will start manifesting.

See below lists of psychic symptoms and signs that may prove that one has psychic powers. Maybe you will come to a conclusion and realize you are psychic after all. These will let you into signs to look out for.

Ability to tell the future

This is one of the most prominent traits of a person with psychic powers. Telling the future events to your friends and family, colleagues, then having them actually happen is one of the number obvious ways that proves one is psychic.


Pyschic people can sense several places at once

Indeed, this is one of the strongest psychic powers and signs that one may be psychic. Have you ever been at home or in one place that is familiar to you, but sense events and experiences that are happening across the world in different countries? If yes, you are most likely psychic. If you have visions of current events while they are happening and actually feel as though you have transported to the destination as it is taking place, you have heightened and very special psychic powers.


Psychic Powers to sense trouble

This is usually a very direct feeling where you perceive someone you love is in trouble and you are hit with great impact and sometimes with a great feeling of intense fear. There is no explanation for it except that you know something is deeply wrong with someone you love.

Psychic individuals usually have powerful vivid dreams

Individuals with psychic abilities usually have extremely vivid dreams and can remember detail for detail afterwards. The symbols in their dreams have deep rooted meanings and they usually offer some sort of great understanding for the individual’s life experience. People who have vivid dreams also have recurring dreams that tell a story and that are indicative of what is happening in real life.


Psychometry is evident

Psychometry can be said to be Psychic Powers that allow one to see through or experience the history of a person or object by touching them or it. Psychics have knowledge and power because they “know” about people, places, objects and energies just be being somewhere or by simply touching something or someone. A person who has the psychometry Psychic Powers can hold an individual’s hand and see through or experience their past. They may even see images or experience smells, sounds and tastes from that point in time.

Telepathic instances

Do you sometimes feel like you can send messages through your mind? Have you ever felt like you are reading someone else’s thought process? Have you experienced a mind to mind connection? If you have experienced this from time to time, you likely have some form of telepathy, which is a psychic symptom.

It could be like a direct communication of thoughts and feelings between people’s minds, without the need to use speech, writing, or any other normal signals.


Visions are usually normal for psychic people

Having visions of future events, either of event happening in the next hour or few days from now is a clear indication of one who has Psychic Powers. If you have them in your dreams or within your daily conscious life, you may sure have the psychic gift.


Psychic individuals usually have higher levels of intuition

This Psychic Powers can be seen in individuals who often can know who is calling on the phone before picking up, or can even know who an SMS is from before the alerts blasts on the phone, or if you have ever predicted an event before it occurred, you have a higher level of intuition. This is a step towards discovering a psychic gift within one.


Watch this video about w.