Extended zodiac: all about this trendy horoscope-2021

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Extended zodiac is an alternative to the different online horoscopes of the market. It is an experience that makes the user live his true sign, based on their attitudes and characteristics.

All this is important since there are many people who daily. One of the first things they do is to consult in the newspaper what the prediction of their zodiac sign says, in the hope that the astrologer on duty has been successful and augurs luck in love, money or health of that group of individuals who consult and believe in the horoscope.

There is a very high percentage of those who are satisfied with the prediction and are convinced that there has been a high level of success. This is due not to the divinatory good work of those who have written the corresponding predictions. However, to the disposition that human beings usually have to believe in what can help us to be happier.


The zodiac predictions that are published in any medium are usually very generic and what you put is something that a large number of people can normally experience. That’s why the extended zodiac develops the meaning of its traditional zodiac sign by determining its true sign. First, select your birth sign according to the traditional zodiac. On the other hand, you can choose which sign identifies more.



The first thing you do is choose your sign. There, they give you a description of your sign and invite you to know what it means to be a Teal sign when you see the final results of the extended zodiac test.

Now, you will need to determine your Moon Oscillation. This test tells you if you are a Prospit Dreamer or a Derse Dreamer. However either of you says something about your perspective on life and the world around you.


The extended zodiac is divided into 12 categories of colors called sign classes, each of which contains 24 unique signs. However, to discover your true sign, you must identify two additional qualities about you that are unique to the extended zodiac. The first is your mole, a designation that says things about your perspective on life. Lunar Sway offers two possibilities.

The second is your appearance. Also, the dominant force of your personal narrative.

Extended zodiac

Think of it as the source of your power, your way of moving around the world. There are twelve possible aspects. On the other hand, Lunar Sway and Aspect are according to the traits and tendencies of the characters. To determine yours, you must pass some brief personality tests. Then, one of the 288 extended zodiacal signs will identify you. Nevertheless, your true sign will include a much more specific and personal astrological profile that only transmits your birth sign. This is what the extended zodiac offers you.

By the way, it has a lot of things to do, and also, you can find interesting topics on their website. Have this new adventure and be part of the extended zodiac family.

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