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With the passing of the years have been forming a hundred famous psychics in all this in the world of “Psychic Predictions.” Moreover, leaving so many of these leave a mark with their strong predictions.

The most forceful Psychic predictions of all time

For many, one of the most famous Psychics of all time is Jeane Dixon. This woman reported that a blue-eyed Democrat who was also high would be president of the United States. He also commented that said president would be killed during his term. Later, the sad fate of John F. Kennedy became known, which made many hairs stand on end.

In the same way, we find Nostradamus. Being one of the first Psychics of the XXVI century. The famous psychic made about 6,000 predictions in his book “The Prophets.” In his book, he spoke of very varied prophecies, among which you can see some world events such as floods and wars.

Within this man’s Psychic predictions it is said that he predicted the timeline of some civilizations. He also warned about the disaster that could happen in 2012, with global catastrophes.

On March 20, 1833, Daniel Duoglas Home was born in the United Kingdom. He became famous after stating that he could levitate. This man was considered a teacher in the art of spiritual sessions.

This is how they decided to put it to the test both judges and important scientists of the time. In these sessions, luminous manifestations and the levitation of heavy wooden objects were observed.

Among the oldest Famous Psychics

In the middle of the XXIX century began a Psychic movement through the book “The Secret Doctrine”. Written by Madame Blavatsky. This woman was from the Russian realization, the impact of his story was that he gave up his wealth by going to study in Tibet. This woman claimed to have direct contact with ghosts by means of transs.

Which gave him clarity of the human future. Thus becoming the author of the bohemian movement in Europe. Something that draws attention is that most of his sessions focused on making contact with spirits of the Aryan race.

Famous Psychics

In this phase, we have the one who is by far the most read Psychic of our century. The Psychic predictions on pass the 14,000. We’re talking about Edgar Cayce. Born in March 1877, the American Psychic managed to make Psychic predictions about the end of the two world wars.

In the same way, I can predict the assassination of two presidents. The technique exerted by the same consisted in entering into a dream trance, in this way he communicated with the spirits. Or he took advantage of this transe to learn how to make some natural remedy that would help those who needed it.

These are just some of the Psychic Predictions of the most famous characters of this practice. Today, there are many who pose as “Psychics” swindling many, however, this has been a belief that has been little used for some years.

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