Major Arcana Tarot Card Meanings

Major Arcana Tarot Card Meanings

Major Arcana cards or the arcana cards are the most impactful and meaningful cards on tarot deck representing the different colors and situations of life.

There are 22 cards in the major arcana (Trumps).

Starting with the fool, each card in the arcana tells us different story with different situations and endings.

We can easily recognize some the Major Arcana cards and their meanings which represent the western culture and lifestyle like the fool, emperor, hermit etc.


Not Regular Thing

In Tarot divination, you should consider the Arcana cards showing up in your spread.

Not exclusively does each Major Arcana card convey its model importance, yet it additionally calls attention to its gravity.

Somebody essential enters or some exceptionally critical occasion is in the air.I must pressure this as much as possible.


The Tarot’s Major Arcana cards don’t waste time with regular occasions and individuals you meet day by day.

They show up when something uncommon occurs, something that you’d make sure to put in your collection of memoirs.

Thus, focus when a Major Arcana card springs up in your Tarot spread.

Here are all the 22 cards of the Arcana and what they mean in Tarot card World:


  1. The Fool

THE FOOLThe Fool is the principal card in a major arcana since he is the most helpless of all the Tarot’s models.

He has not yet encountered the high points and low points of life, abandoning him unconscious of the size of life’s difficulties, and the quality and potential he holds.






  1. The Magician

THE MAGICIANThe Magician card is an update that you are a one of a kind being and have numerous endowments that others don’t hold.

These aptitudes separate you from the group and can enable you to start new tasks or beaten difficulty.







  1. The High Priestess

THE HIGH PRIESTESSThe most instinctive, associated card in the entire Tarot deck, The High Priestess is a card of mindfulness and intuitiveness.

This card urges you to tune in to your internal voice and to pursue your senses.Your mind knows far, significantly more than you might suspect it does, and The High Priestess epitomizes this idea.






  1. The Empress

THE EMPRESSThe Empress is the most female card in the arcana, and enormously energize sempathy, excellence, and love.


5. The Emperor

THE EMPERORThe Emperor is a card of initiative and power.He is a definitive power who has experienced numerous encounters to accomplish this status.








  1. The Hierophant

THE HIEROPHANTThe Hierophant resembles an envoy from the sky.He is knowledgeable about otherworldliness and direction, and his activity is to convey these exercises down to us here in reality.







  1. The Lovers

THE LOVERSIt’s nothing unexpected The Lovers card speaks to the cozy connections throughout your life.

If it comes up in your Tarot perusing, your adoration life needs additional concentration and consideration.







  1. The Chariot

CHARIOTThe Chariot card is associated with your characteristic drive and assurance and can demonstrate an up and coming triumph.








  1. Strength

STRENGTHA standout amongst the most clearly named cards in a Tarot deck. Strength is without a doubt a card about quality – however not a physical quality.The Strength card speaks to the mettle of your heart, your dimension of bravery, and your capacity to withstand anything life hands you.






  1. The Hermit

THE HERMITThe Hermit longs to be separated from everyone else.

He realizes that the best way to process what is going on in life is to pull back from the clamor of the world and make a calm space of isolation.







  1. Wheel of Fortune

THE WHEEL OF FORTUNEThe Wheel of Fortune is always spinning – in some cases you will be at the best, and in some cases, you will be at the base.This major arcana card advises you that nothing is perpetual, and, great or terrible, you should appreciate the exercises that this minute isbringing you.





  1. Justice

The arcanaEquity is your firm-however reasonable update that karma is genuine, and there is a ramification for each activity.

Whatever life is giving you as of now originates from choices you’ve made before, and whether it’s a discipline or a reward, it is what you merit.






  1. The Hanged Man

The arcana

The Hanged Man is a card that surfaces when you are in limbo.

He discloses to you that occasionally little forfeits must make with the end goal to profit the master plan.

At the point when The Hanged Man emerges in your understanding, you likely need to make a move, however don’t realize where to start.

Start by giving up.







  1. Death

DEATHA standout amongst the most misconstrued cards in the Arcana, Death isn’t a card about physical passing.

The Death card discusses cycles – endings, truly, however beginnings as well – and is an update that everything must pass.







  1. Temperance

TEMPERANCE:The Temperance card is an ace of control.She energizes harmony and persistence and reminds you to float along with your life as opposed to endeavoring to constrain its pace or heading







  1. The Devil

THE DEVILThe Devil card conveys substantial sentiments of restriction and feebleness.When he comes up in your Tarot understanding, you are likely feeling like you have no control and are stuck in a circumstance you would prefer not to be in.







  1. The Tower

THE TOWERMaybe the most feared card in a major arcana, The Tower is a portrayal of annihilation.

The Tower regularly comes up while everything in your life feels like its disintegrating, and you have no chance to get of halting it.

The message of this card is to simply give it a chance to fall






  1. The Star

The Star is the encapsulation of expectation and mending.She is a quieting impact that brings messages of restoration, idealism, and motivation.







  1. The Moon

THE MOONThe Moon card is extraordinarily associated with your subliminal.

It speaks to the contemplations, sentiments, questions, and fears that you convey inside.

At the point when The Moon emerges in your Tarot understanding, you might feel on edge, enabling these feelings of trepidation to abrogate the recollections of your past and your confidence later.






  1. The Sun

THE SUNThe Sun is a capably inspiring card, speaking to bliss, euphoria, imperativeness, and confidence.

At the point when The Sun comes up in your Tarot understanding.

it is a positive sign that things are functioning admirably for you and that you’re moving the correct way.







  1. Judgment

Judgment is where your past and your future meet up.

You are being approached to survey your choices and your activities up to this point.







  1. The World

THE WORLDThe World is the last card of the Arcana and speaks to finishing, achievement, and satisfaction.

When she emerges in your Tarot Reading, The World demonstrates to you that you are where you are intended to be on your way.






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