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Far beyond what is psychic type normal for us, each person at some point in his or her life has had some “Paranormal” experience, which usually escapes our reality. This is where psychic abilities come in.

We all have psychic abilities, although not all of us know, or we are simply “Ignorant” with regard to the subject. It is common to think of “Clairvoyance” when we talk about psychic abilities. However, one of the questions many people have in common is: Can this be the only capacity that a psychic can have?

Although it is one of the best known, it is not the only one, people can develop one or several.

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What are the psychic type abilities that a person can have?

In the first place, we have Clairvoyance: This word comes from the French Clair, which means sight. On the other hand, it is a supposed capacity for an extrasensory perception that some people can have. However, it is believed that they can receive information about some future or past events.

In the same way, we have Clairaudience: This ability transcends in being able to hear voices, sounds, among others without the need to use physical hearing. It is said that these sounds come from angels, ghosts, and elemental beings that are in another plane. Which wish to communicate with us.

However, in order to continue with the psychic abilities that the so-called “Seers” can have, we have a peculiar capacity, it is Clariolfato. In it, you can pick up odors left by some situation or psychic entity. Also, this is a skill developed by very few people. However, the few who manage to develop it can perceive future situations.


Other psychic abilities?

Empathy is another of the Psychic-type capabilities. Mostly, this is one of the most recognized and many people without realizing manage to develop. In it, the person who develops it experiences a feeling of affection towards other people. This means, you can feel what others are feeling.

An example of this would be when you meet someone with some emotional pain. To have the feeling that this person needs your support, and time later to confirm it.

Clairvoyant is usually one of the strangest abilities that a clairvoyant can develop. In this, we observe that the person can taste any food, thus perceiving the feelings or personal situations that the chef may be going through.

Moreover, one of the last but not the least is psychometrics.

It is a psychic characteristic that can allow you to obtain certain information about events, people and places once you take objects touched by that person. Psychometry comes from the Greek term psyche that means “Soul”.

When did this begin?

This began to be used in the middle of 1840 when the clairvoyants of that time took pictures or any object and in minutes they guessed what the owners lived, where they lived, and so on.

However, these are just some of the psychic-like abilities that a clairvoyant can have. Many of us have these capabilities, but unfortunately, we do not know how to develop them.

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