Master Ravana, is firstly a Ph.D. in mediation, has practiced Telepathy for 5 years. Telepathy is mind to mind communication. He connects with your mind, he DOES NOT CONTROL it, he connects with your mind, understands the level of your negative and positive energies; then advice how to go about the Reiki Healing session.
All you have to do is decide with him about your location and timing; remotely he will then start the Reiki healing process. The session lasts for about 60 minutes. All you have to do is stay calm and relaxed. Once the session is done, contact Master and inform him about your experience.
Liberate from your mental blocks and energy clogs today – call up Master Ravana, who can pull you out from your disturbed work life, love-life and award you with the focus you need to progress . Readmore