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How Does Reiki Work?

Is there any scientific proof that Reiki works?

You have a heated argument with your partner, be it your business partner or your life’s. If you feel and observe closely, after the disagreement and the heated exchange, the moods change. If you happen to come across the party, the ‘uneasiness’ and feeling of ‘embarrassment’ is always there. from now I will explain how really reiki works.

This uneasiness has much to do with our energies.We pick up the frequencies. The mind and body sense the metaphysical frequencies. These energies are part of your instincts, sixth sense and many undiscovered powers. Okay, take this example, if you recall, back in the school days when we missed our homework; we could pick the teacher’s feeling without a word spoken. We were amazed by this, how come we predicted it right. It’s the energy communicating.

Remember, when we broke something at home, the angry parents never said anything but we could ‘pick’ the air of the mood in the house? That’s energy communicating again.

Our mind and body manage, control and define the metaphysical frequencies and energies.The mind is the control tower but it’s the body which takes the elevated flight or descends.

To understand it better, our body has 7 energy centers. It is necessary for these energy centers, chakras (the Sanskrit word which translates as ‘Wheel’), to be in harmony and balance for your body and mind to work in sync.

For example, when you are feeling the mental stress, your body too feels lethargic and energy-drained. Even though you just spent 8 hours working on a solution which required mental energy, but it saps all of your body’s energy too.

This is nothing but the loss of balances of the 7 seven chakras.


The seven Chakras are –

Root Chakra

The root and support power zone, it is based at the base of the spine. This chakra or power zone focus t onhe financial and emotional security.

Sacral Chakra

The home of the creative life force energy which helps you to enjoy your life positively, this energy helps you to enjoy your sexual life. The Sacral Chakra energizes you to take fruits of your efforts and labor.

Solar Plexus Chakra

The power and energy zone where your self-confidence, personal power, identity, endurance, and courage are born and found at. If this is out of balance, your personality reflects it. If you notice, people who have a mild to high to an acute sense of inferiority complex, their body language reflects it.

It is like when you are window shopping and when you are actually spending on shopping – the shopkeepers pick up the energy. So when you are actually shopping, they approach you much proactively, to make a sale.

It’s the reason they pick up the energy frequency from one of your chakras, through the body language.

Heart Chakra

the energy center for love, compassion, humility, and kindness.

Throat Chakra

the energy that voices your personal truths. This is the place where you form energy to speak your heart out. So if heart chakra is underactive or overactive but your throat chakra is out of balance due to illness, mental stress, all these centers lose energy balance too.

Reiki healing balances and attunes these energy centers at one synchronized level. . These energy forms balance at one higher level; the chakras then harmonize your mind and body. You start performing at the optimum level, you grow more energetic, more intelligent, wiser.

3rd Eye Chakra

the chakra which governs the wisdom, the knowledge and the elements which go beyond the material world. This chakra receives information from beyond the primary 5 senses.

Crown Chakra

this is the energy zone of Pure Consciousness Energy. The energy which resides on top of all governs all, it is more of like the part of the universal energy which is around us.

This is the energy from which all other energies are deriving from, take and spread more energies.

What has Reiki to Do with Chakras

Chakras or Energy centers tend to take influence and overreact or underperform, depleting in energy levels hence our mind and bodies are not communicating the positive frequencies. Symptoms like stress, de-energized selves, lethargy, cluelessness are the point to the disturbed balances of the power chakras.

To bring back the chakras to the original power level, Reiki healing is effective in bringing back and re-energizing the chakras. It usually takes one or more sessions to revive the chakras.

People treated with Reiki, feel immense if not immediate effect.

The chakras take time to heal and revive the energies. Once the energies are focusing, other chakras too get the energy share and the revival process is faster.

So in effect, Reiki Healing is centering and positioning of the energy zones of your mind, body and soul and energizing these spots for your body to function in sync with your mind and soul. Once all the energy zones are in one place, you feel energetic, refreshed, positive and a better decision maker. One feels the swiftness flowing through the body hence lethargy is at minimum.

How Does it Start?

Reiki healing realigns the chakras and the energy spots which activate the self-healing process. Reiki is particularly effective for stress disorders, anxiety, negativity, mood disorders, mood swings and indecisiveness.

When stress levels out, even your muscles which are stiff, feel the ease and you start feeling getting to normal.


So how does a Reiki process start?

The Reiki healer has a dedicated space for the healing process; the space is normally quiet, calm and peaceful. If the patient agrees, ambient music plays to sooth the senses and let the patient absorb the calmness of the environment.

The patient lies down on an elevated place where the practitioner would initiate the healing process through touch or just by holding hands off your body, the preference is of the patient.

Firstly, the patient closes the eyes and takes deep breaths which helps in reducing tension and stress and muscles which strain on encountering a new or a strange environment. Once you close your eyes, start absorbing the calmness of the music, the peaceful aura; the practitioner then initiates the process by placing hands on your head; which is reviving the head chakras.

The practitioner transmits the energy to the energy bodies, hence reviving the energy centers. Normally patients start feeling comfortable, they then go into a state of sleepiness where they visualize dream-like visuals. This is an indication, the chakras are reviving and the powerful healing process is working.

The practitioner focuses on the chakras – usually by placing hands on the chakras or holding just near to the body. A Reiki session usually lasts about for 30 to 90 minutes depending on the severity of the patient’s. A complete A complete Reiki treatment is for 3 to 4 sessions, with 1 session in 1 day.

Reiki For whom?

Reiki is just for anyone and everyone who wants to feel energized, revived and revitalized. The scientific research does prove the healing process to have positive effects but there are no negative effects of Reiki Healing.

People who undergo immense mental stress, physical lethargy, extended work hours do need regular sessions of Reiki. When chakras and power zones are disturbed and not normally revived through the set pattern of Reiki healing ritual, the power zones start losing the optimum energies.

This builds up the strain in the body with muscles getting stiff, back-pain arising, sleeplessness, eating disorders. Hence once a session starts, patients by the end of the session, feel their body pain is relieving on its own.

The reason is this, the chakras are reviving and revitalizing which initiate the self-healing process. Hence the body gets the energy and wards off the negative energies accumulating till now.


So regular Reiki healing sessions are important for the person to perform optimally and that the energy centers have energy levels at the higher node.

As an executive, who goes through daily stress of the daily routine – just by taking sleep for 8 hours, the stress buildup is not reducing even with sleep. The stress accumulates with time in your energy centers, bringing down the efficiency levels affecting your performance. Result delivery is not effective.

Staying energized requires workout of the brain and body – the same way we take bath to cleanse and relax, our energy points to need the re-charge of energy. The energy boost boost comes from Reiki healing sessions.

1 to 2 sessions per month keeps you at an optimum. More than 2 to 3 sessions keep you mentally fit and strong. 4 sessions and you are on the full-drive mode. You take charge of your life.


  1. It brings harmony and balance to your life. You feel easy, the stress for the future and plans are not so overpowering you.
  2. You feel relaxed throughout the day and week.
  3. Reiki Healing helps your body to release stress and tension – enhancing your performance.
  4. It dissolves the energy blockages, promotes harmony and synchronization between mind, body, and spirit
  5. Reiki healing boosts the immune system, removes harmful toxins, prepares the body to fight against diseases by empowering and arming the immune system.
  6. Clears the mind and builds focus on your mind, as you feel more grounded and composed (centered).
  7. Reiki healing helps relieve pain, supports the mind and body to self-heal the physical body pain and ailments.
  8. You are more connected with your spirit and brain together.
  9. Improve your work performance
  10. Improves your libido and sexual performance
  11. It helps a cure migraine, arthritis, asthma, Chronic Fatigue, jet-lag, insomnia, eating and sleeping disorders, menopausal symptoms.
  12. Reiki reduces anxiety
  13. Reiki gives clarity of thought when you start connecting with spirit and body with your mind
  14. Helps students with their exams.
  15. You can learn Reiki healing to build your immune system stronger
  16. You can practice Reiki energy-boosting exercises to keep the balance of the energy centers.

How does it Feel after a Reiki Session

Reiki energy flows through the body like a sensation, activating and reenergizing the body – the chakras/power zones, which start dispensing the energy throughout the body, balancing the need of energy and harmony throughout the body.

During the session, one feels either heat, warmth, calmness flowing through your body. The feelings are unique with every patient who gets the Reiki healing. Instantly you feel the energies of your body responding to the Reiki energy restoration process.

Sometimes, if a person in stress, the person feels the fluctuations of energy moving erratically or smoothly. Often it can also like tingling, goosebumps, chills or throbbing among many others. Usually it one will feel restless, that is the point where stress points are being touched to diffuse the negative powers, the pure energy is restoring.

As the energy transitions through your body, the healer and you will feel the sensations of energy working and transitioning – sending the patient, sometimes, through sleepy mode.. This is when the energies are getting centered and focused. The energies are settling down throughout your body. The sleepy mode kicks in when stress levels are reducing, you feel flowing into the calmness and peaceful mode.

Every person’s experience of energy/Reiki attunement is different and unique. During a session I you might feel the hot-hands, that is when your body and mind respond to the energy transition and it is a success signal that your body is responding to the energy transfer mode.

But it’s not necessary you might feel the hot hands but it also doesn’t mean the Reiki Healing was not a success. In both cases, energy has settled in your energy centers.


Distant Reiki Healing Sessions

Distance Reiki healing or remote treatment, distance treatment, distance psychic treatment, distance holistic treatment – all these are forms of Reiki Healing during which the practitioner uses the cosmic energy, directed towards the patient who is not present.

Since life is a form of energy around us, the energy can be tapped by an expert practitioner, works with the pure energy form and not the physical form which falls under the pure energy form. The healer manifests the energy, directed towards you, the healer directs his mind and spiritual energy, focusing you and your location for energy to manifest in you and around you.

The healer has to know your location to direct the Reiki energy to flow towards you. It normally is an energy transformation through the cosmic, quantum-form of life and energy.

You have to be free or asleep if you’re not free for a distance Reiki healing session – as it requires you to be at peace for the energy transition to work with you.

So if you’re going through a stressful phase of your life – loss of job or income, loss of love life or deadline’s fast approaching or you are in acute stress – you need a therapy to harmonize your inner energies. The sooner you connect with your spirit and mind, the better.

Post Reiki Healing Feelings

Best is to explore and experience the sudden change you would feel. Anti-depressants don’t work when energy forms are out of balance and harmony. Instead of suppressing the symptoms; get new energy infusion through your soul which influences your mind instantly.

If your work efficiency improves, your social and family life comes on track with just 1 to 2 sessions, why wouldn’t anyone try to fix things instead of spending a fortune finding answers in medicines.

Here’s how you can win over your doubt – talk to a Reiki healing expert, he will explain the process to you after you briefly explain the problems you’re going through. Reiki healing practitioners then assess the amount of energy you will need to bring back yourself to life.

Your problems are half-solved when your body and mind are coming out of the pressure zone, harmonizing on 1 level, when energies are settling in your power houses. You feel liberated, instantly. That’s how fast it works.

The sensations are an extraordinary experience for the patient. The healer too feels the passage of energy channeling. The more your body and mind are receptive, the better the energy is restoring.


there is no need for medication but the effect is natural, instant, energizing, refreshing and sensational which is felt physically and emotionally through peace, calmness or sometime with restlessness.

Either way, the experience is a novel one for you. If you’re assuming somebody can take advantage, firstly, keep in mind, its not hypnotism; even under the state of hypnotism, nobody can be taken advantage of as your subconscious mind cannot be hypnotized, it stays alert.

Distance Reiki also comes with the same benefits and accessories. It’s just like a Radar transmitting waves towards a radio station. Mind too has energy. That energy lets you pick the best road, best decision and the mood of the environment. Your energy makes you the judge of the situation.

In Distance Reiki Healing, the healer has practiced the mode and way to transmit cosmic energy directed towards you and your location. Once the energy finds you in a state of calm or sleep, it starts absorbing into your energy zones (the chakras). All you have to do is communicate with the healer, before the session starts, decide about the time, location.

The healer needs exact location and time – to make sure you are present at that place and the timing is such when no disturbance is happening around you. Best time is when you are about to sleep. That allows your body, mind to connect well and in sleep, your energies realign and harmonize throughout the sleep tenure.

So who’s the best, most effective Reiki Healer you can count on –

Master Ravana, is an expert psychic and Reiki healing, who has treated many patients through his expert Distance Reiki Healing experience. People who have been stressed, been under an emotional burden, or been going through disruptive and disturbed life – Ravana has performed healing sessions with them using the Distance Reiki Healing process.

He has extensive and rich experience. His specialization is in the field of cosmic sciences and brings many years of experience and case studies – which are not only interesting but very life-changing testimonies will interest you. You too will go through a positive life-changing transformation.

But the secret is to be connected with the Reiki system, so your energies stay energized and at the level of harmony, where these energies act as a shield for your mind, body, and soul. Not only that these energy zones become your source of daily inspiration and the kick you need to perform confidently and intelligently.

His patients have undergone stress removal, balanced energies, restoration of their love life, achieved focus and center to be able to take decisions of their lives.


How does He Do It?

Master Ravana, is firstly a Ph.D. in mediation, has practiced Telepathy for 5 years. Telepathy is mind to mind communication. He connects with your mind, he DOES NOT CONTROL it, he connects with your mind, understands the level of your negative and positive energies; then advice how to go about the Reiki Healing session.

All you have to do is decide with him about your location and timing; remotely he will then start the Reiki healing process. The session lasts for about 60 minutes. All you have to do is stay calm and relaxed. Once the session is done, contact Master and inform him about your experience.

Liberate from your mental blocks and energy clogs today – call up Master Ravana, who can pull you out from your disturbed work life, love-life and award you with the focus you need to progress.

He can be reached at this link –

If you are still unsure what to do – have a look at what customers are saying about Master Ravana –


So what are you waiting for – tap the energy? No one can steal it but it can be build upon more energy. Once built upon you will attain the focus you will need to achieve your goals and plans. Start Today – order online and get FREE ADVICE.


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