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Tarot since the beginning of time as a spiritual guide-2021

At first, Tarot was learned that the first game cards arrived in Europe in the second half of the 14th century, they were created in China at least 300 years before. In addition, it was said that these letters represented some concepts such as Greek gods, Christian virtues, among others.

However, by the middle of the 15th century these letters were stabilized with the symbols we know today.

Maybe you wonder why you call yourself that?

The name “Tarot” comes from the word Tarocco. This was the name of a game that was practiced a lot at that time. Over the years this became “Tarock” and “Tarot”.

A curious fact about the decks of this practice is that the four pints of this same are usually called minor arcana. While to major cards Major arcana.

The major arcana are 22 monkeys inside which is one that does not have a number, this is called “The crazy” while there is another unnamed which is the number 13.


According to some experts, these cards work as a great system, in which they are able to relate the cards that in their own judgment are normal with the rest of the cards. Being these the ones that give sense to the shuffle. How many types of tarot are there?

With the weight of the years have been innovating things, such is the case of the tarot. Currently there are many types of tarot, however, there are very few used.

One of the most famous and most used is the Tarot de Marseille. Following this, we find the famous Rinder White Tarot. Also, we find the popular Egyptian Tarot. And so.


What about Tarot’s practices?

An interesting fact about this practice is that the first deck of cards known in the world of tarot contained 10 cards listed but with kings, these being the only cards of the court. Counting with only 16 trump cards.

Currently, there is no evidence to show that the final format of 78 letters existed before the poem Tarocchi de Boiardo and the tarot of Sola Busca.

Some researchers believe that the trionfi decks of the first era had five suits of only 14 cards; 16 the triumphs and the wild card or joker were considered simply a fifth suit with the predefined “trumps” function.

Is it difficult to learn to read the cards in the Tarot?

Although it is often very complex to learn to read the letters is something that is not so difficult. This is a practice that has been cultivating for years. Currently, there are countries like China in which this type of practices is usually sacred.

Many people wonder how safe it is to trust this practice. Well, scientifically there is something that abale the correct answers for this, however, there are people who have given faith of the effectiveness of this.

Although the tarot is used in general to know whether or not to invest in something, or if you find your partner emotionally, it is said to be a practice that many uses to give a command to their life, and that many people have worked to achieve their goals.

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