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Top 3 free psychic reading websites in 2021


Top 3 free psychic reading websites in 2021

In a modern world, psychic reading which is also known as spiritual reading is as much popular as it was in the medieval world. Free best psychic readings online are now available everywhere on the internet to access online psychic advice.

Online psychic advice

People are getting advantage from these free sources as online psychic advice. As easy as it seems to read online and free your inner soul by psychic reading but, do people really know which site to choose? Normally they get confused but guidance such as Tarot reading, Love readings, astrology readings and dream analysis help people to reach their desired place and have their free psychic reading.

With these numerous options of online psychic advice, we made a list of amazing places where can concise that list by comparing the top featuring websites and choose the best psychic readings online companies who employ very talented psychic online advisers.

free psychic reading


Top 3 websites free psychic reading websites


Oranum is world’s first free chat providing a psychic reading website where many people seek advice from world’s finest psychics.

Oranum hiring bodies

Most of the people that are working on these sites are those which have a strong mind/sensory perception. These people are either God gifted psychics, or they have adapted this ability.

Oranum’s screening test is brutal, newbies undergo very intensely before they can start their work. Oranum hires two kinds of people: one with exceptional spiritual abilities and other which have the kind heart and helping nature in their veins.

What does Oranum provide?

  • Oranum provides online psychic advice using the state of art technology.
  • People can read via phones, emails and webcams.
  • this site does not offer reading via cellphone.
  • on this site, the webcam is mostly used.
  • Most people use webcams, due to this, they can see each other and feel. comfortable while sorting issues.
  • chat box and microphone are available on Oranum in the absence of a webcam


Payment scenario

  • Psychics on site has different rates which are completely based on their expertise and accuracy.
  • Customers can chat for unlimited time until they want some online psychic advice in a private chat room, which will charge the customer
  • Oranum follows the code of not charge unnecessarily
  • There are no free minutes or discounts except they can chat if they want
  • Oranum uses several promotional codes and coupon, it gives the chance to win 9.99 credit each month
  • Their 100% guarantee of money transaction.

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It is an incredible and reliable website for psychic reading.

It is widely popular as the most accurate psychic website where people get the desired psychic and solve their issues.


Highlights of BITWINE

  • It is magnificently accurate
  • Wonderful for Tarot reading and astrology
  • They use live chat options usually
  • They charge $0.5 to $3 per minute
  • Payments are done by PayPal
  • You will only pay for the session if you are confident that your chosen psychic advisor will help you
  • This website has its chat room which is very rare among Psychic reading websites
  • This website has its own voice/video introductory session to get familiar with the psychic advisors to choose wisely
  • Clients are charged per minute after choosing the psychic advisor and the beginning of the session
  • You can end at any time, charges will be according to the spent time
  • You only pay for your time spent during call/video, therefore you can make you advisor stop or disconnect the call.
  • All the sessions with psychic advisors are extremely sensitive and private
  • They don’t ask you to give any private information like address, email, phone number, etc.

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This site is best for online psychic advice.

the best psychic readings online are obtained here from experts. Rookies needed to pass an intense screening test. After that, they can start their online psychic advice camp.

Most noteworthy you have to be careful while approaching this site because many rookie psychics work there, besides that it doesn’t mean that you won’t find any talented psychics, just be careful.

There is the wide range of pricing options because, there is no fixed platform, so everyone chooses their desired budget.

What KEEN offers

  • Keen has different colours of psychics like specialists on love relationships.
  • Tarot card reading.
  • specific fortune telling.
  • Most psychics on keen offer their service via phone
  • Some would offer in chat option or email
  • $2 is the price for new customers for 3 to 10 minutes

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Bonus Site:-

Psychic source

This is one of the most incredible networks best psychic reading online in the world because it has earned the reputation of being the longest-running psychic reading website in the world. Unlike the most sites, the psychic source has the very intense exam or screening test before hiring their psychics. This is a friendly user website offering introductory rate up to 28 minutes of talk time and offers various payment options for those who are facing credit card troubles.

Main highlights of a this online psychic advice source are:

  • This site offers various online services like Tarot card readings, astrology, love psychics, dream translations, past life revelation and much more
  • Furthermore, Psychics must clear an intense online screening process before starting their best psychic reading online campaign.
  • There are no email options
  • Clients can chat or talk with psychics 24/7
  • The very low introductory rate for 28 minutes plus 3 minutes free
  • After introductory rates, there will be regular rates in the range of $3.85 to $8.75 per minute.
  • Customers can get a refund but, only within one of their reading and only as a credit to their account
  • There is no cash refund


online psychic advice

Some information

All the websites above are 100% legal and has been working for many years and helping thousands of souls.

People can ess these best psychic reading online, besides that, they lower the level of their depression therefore, these online psychic websites are made for them.

the people who are depressed must need some time to recover, therefore, they even need more help than expected to fix their souls, people who believe in a Tarot reading, astrology, past life revelations.

As a result, these best psychic reading online websites can be very exciting because there is always someone is curious to find more information about the world and fortune.

We advise you to visit some of these incredible platforms to know yourself truly.

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